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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"29 is not 30"

From Eight Men Out (MGM 1988)

Eddie Cicotte: You said if I won 30 games this year there'd be a $10,000 bonus.

Charles Comiskey: So?

Cicotte: I think you owe it to me.

Comiskey: Harry, how many games did Mr. Cicotte win for us this year?

Harry: 29, sir.

Cicotte: You had [Sox manager] Kid [Gleason] bench me for two whole weeks in August.  I missed five starts.

Comiskey: We had to rest your arm for the [World] Series.

Cicotte: I would have won at least two of those games -- and you knew that.

Comiskey: I have to keep the best interests of the club in mind, Eddie.

Cicotte: I think you owe me that bonus.

Comiskey: 29 is not 30, Eddie.  You will get only the money you deserve.  (Pause)  Anything else?

Cicotte: No, Mr. Comiskey.  That's it.

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