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Monday, February 28, 2005

Weekly Top 10

The Top 10 Contracts-Related downloads from the SSRN network, for the 60 days ending February 27:

1.  Emerging Policy and Practice Issues, by Steven L. Schooner & Christopher R. Yukins

2.  Rawls and Contract Law, by Kevin A. Kordana & David H. Tabachnick

3.  Unity and Pluralism in Contract Law, by Nathan Oman

4Private Motive and Perpetual Conditions in Charitable Naming Gifts: When Good Names Go Bad, by John K. Eason

5The Doctrine of Good Faith in Contract Law: A (Nearly) Empty Vessell?, by Emily Houh

6.  Allegheny College Revisited: Cardozo, Consideration, and Formalism in Context, by Curtis Bridgeman

7Law and the Emotions: The Problems of Affective Forecasting, by Jeremy A. Blumenthal

8.  The Limits of Lawyering: Legal Opinions in Structured Finance, by Steven L. Schwarcz

9.  Towards a New Model of Consumer Protection: The Problem of Inflated Transaction Costs, by Jeff Sovern

10.  Fairness and the Optimal Allocation of Ownership Rights, by Ernst Fehr, Susanne Kremhelmer & Klaus M. Schmidt

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