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Friday, February 11, 2005

News in brief

A New York Times story says that baseball's Yankees knew about slugger Jason Giambi's steroid use, and carefully eliminated all references to the performance enhancing substances in his $120 million contract.

Some actors are campaigning against the proposed new SAG/AFTRA contract with film and television producers, arguing that they ought to get a better deal.

Basketball's Toronto Raptors apparently will buy out the contract of "fading star" Alonzo Mourning, for somewhere around $10 million.

North Carolina's Goodrich Corp. wins a 20-year, $6 billion contract to supply parts to France's Airbus Industries.

Labor troubles at San Francisco hotels continue.

Scandal-plagued Chicago mayor Richard Daley issues an executive order saying that city contractors who contribute to his campaign war chest will forfeit their contracts, although he'll keep their contributions.

The Boston subway system signs a 15-year contract to provide wireless services at four of its busiest stations.

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