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Saturday, February 5, 2005

News in brief

A Cook County judge has ruled that cost and pricing details in a state contract aren't trade secrets, and thus that Illinois can release details of its contract with pharmaceutical firm Caremark.

The TNT Network and the Screen Actors Guild have renewed their broadcast agreement for the "prestigious" SAG Acting Awards.

Americans aren't baking as many cakes at home as they used to, so General Mills has approached labor unions about restructuring contracts to cut costs and keep its Betty Crocker brand afloat.

Illinois Governor Rudy Blagojevich has signed a new law requiring companies bidding on state contracts to disclose any outsourcing plans they have, so the state can take that into account in awarding the contract.

Good news for the struggling Basque shipyard at Sestao, which hasn't won a ship contract since 2000: it inks a deal to build a new natural gas tanker for Norway's Knutson line.

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