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Thursday, February 17, 2005

News in brief

France’s Airbus Industries says it will open a factory in the U.S. if it lands a lucrative U.S. Air Force contract to build tanker aircraft.

The company supplying radio frequency identification badges for a school that requires students to wear them has pulled out of the contract, citing "intense media attention" over the controversial program.

The IKEA furniture store in Leeds wants to give someone a £1 million a year contract to do kitchen installation, but can't find a taker.

Ireland’s RTÉ lands a new television and radio broadcast contract to carry rugby’s RBS Six Nations tournament through 2009.

The two sides are apparently making no progress in Louisiana’s effort to renegotiate a 2001 contract with the New Orleans Saints football team.  It wants a new deal because it is having trouble making the $10-$20 million annual payments it promised, and if it misses a payment the team is free to move to another state.

Air travelers in China will get McDonald’s commercials on airport monitors, under a new contract awarded by the fast-food giant, which already has 600 fast-food stores in China and is looking to expand.

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