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Saturday, February 12, 2005

News in brief

Baseball's Texas Rangers are saying they won't be re-negotiating the contract of staff ace Kenny Rogers, on the unusual ground that "on all of their contracts -- good or bad -- the Rangers stick to the deal they made."

Wal-Mart stores says it will close the Canadian store that is about to become the chain's first union shop.

Russia's Gorbunov Aviation signs a ten-plane deal with a Moscow finance lessor, a positive move for the government-owned industry.

Not surprisingly, a Seattle shipyard wins the $223 million contract to build four new automobile ferries for the state of Washington; it is the only one of five competitors found capable of performing.

Under pressure, the Alabama welfare department says that when its current contract runs out in 2007 it will stop using a call center in India to handle calls from food stamp recipients, but warns that taxpayers will have to pay more.

An energy services company wins a $175 million jury verdict for breach of a license agreement.

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