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Thursday, February 3, 2005

News in brief

It’s going to be an even colder winter in the Great White North, as National Hockey League players reject another offer from the owners.

Consulting firm Accenture, Ltd. nabs at $575 million outsourcing contract from BT Group PLC, which has 87,000 employees and 180,000 pension plan participants in the U.K.

A construction firm that claims it should have been awarded the contract for the Scottish Parliament building is suing, claiming £4.3 million in lost profits.

Some African-American religious leaders are announcing a "Black Contract with America."

United Auto Workers at Volvo’s plant in Pulaski County, Virginia, will vote on a new contract for the plant, which has 2,800 employees.

Clerical workers at the University of Illinois are picketing the administration building to gain support for a better mediated settlement in their ongoing contract dispute with the school.

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