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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Junior faculty papers sought

Yale and Stanford law schools are seeking submissions for the Junior Faculty Forum, a conference in which "young" scholars can present their papers and get comments from top scholars in their fields.

The forums alternate between public and private law, and this one's is on private law, though for some reason tax and antitrust both count as "private."  They've landed two top-notch commentators for contracts-related papers, Bob Scott (Virginia) and Dick Craswell (Stanford).  Click to continue to the Call for Papers.

                        REQUEST FOR SUBMISSIONS

Stanford and Yale Law Schools announce the sixth session of the Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum to be held at Stanford Law School on May 27-28, 2005, and seek submissions for this meeting.

The Forum's objective is to encourage the work of young scholars by providing experience in the pursuit of scholarship and the nature of the scholarly exchange. Meetings are held each spring, at Yale one year and Stanford the next. Six to eight scholars (with one to seven years in teaching) will be chosen on a blind basis from among those submitting papers to present. Two senior scholars, not necessarily from Stanford or Yale, will comment on each paper. The audience will include the invited young scholars, faculty from the host institutions, and invited guests.

The goal is discourse on both the merits of particular papers and on appropriate methodologies for doing work in that genre. We hope that comment and discussion will communicate what counts as good work among successful senior scholars and will also challenge and improve the standards that now obtain. The Forum also hopes to increase the sense of community among American legal scholars generally, particularly among new and veteran professors.


Each year the Forum invites submissions on selected topics in public and private law, legal philosophy, and law and humanities, alternating loosely between public law and humanities subjects in one year, and private and dispute resolution law in the next. For the May, 2005 meeting, the topics will cover private law and dispute resolution, and the following scholars have agreed to serve as referees and commentators:

Corporate & Securities Law
Robert Daines (Stanford), Henry Hansman (Yale)
Bankruptcy & Secured Transactions
   Marcus Cole (Stanford), Barry Adler (NYU)
Commercial Law & Contracts
Richard Craswell (Stanford), Robert Scott (Virginia)
Keith Hylton (Boston Univ.), Jennifer Arlen (NYU)
Mark Kelman (Stanford), Tom Merrill (Columbia)
Intellectual Property
Margaret Jane Radin (Stanford), Mark Lemley (Stanford)
   Joseph Bankman (Stanford), Dan Shaviro (NYU)
Private International Law
Jack Goldsmith (Harvard), Alan Sykes (Chicago)
Legal Profession
William Simon (Stanford), Cynthia Epstein (CUNY)
Jeremy Bulow (Stanford), Alan Klevorick (Yale)
Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Judith Resnik (Yale), Pam Karlan (Stanford)


There is no publication commitment associated with the Forum, nor is published work eligible. Yale or Stanford will pay presenters' travel expenses, who will be required to attend the entire Forum schedule. Paper submissions for the Forum should be sent to:

Ms. Judy Dearing
Stanford Law School
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Stanford, CA 94305-8610

by March 1, 2005. Note that the submission date has been extended two weeks.

Electronic submissions should be sent to:

Email: Ms. Judy Dearing

Inquiries concerning the Forum should be sent to:

Ronald Gilson, Stanford Law School, or Alan Schwartz, Yale Law School

We very much hope that young scholars will submit work. If the strong commitment of the host schools can make it so, participation at the Forum will benefit presenters and the profession.

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