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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Southern Cal joins elite group

Trojans The University of Southern California, which last night crushed Oklahoma 55-19 in the Fed Ex Bowl, will now likely become only the third university with a law school to win two undisputed football national championships since 1899.  The Sooners were also bidding for that distinction, having also won an undisputed championship in 2000.

The other two—yesterday’s Trivia Question was wrong and the author has been summarily dismissed—are the University of Nebraska, which won titles in 1995 and 1971, and Yale, which performed the same feat in 1900 and 1909.  Interestingly, no school without a law school has ever won two such championships.

"Undisputed" championships are those in which all the ratings services monitored by the NCAA name the same champion. Other schools that have won an undisputed championship: Miami (2001), Florida State (1999), Texas (1963), Michigan (1948), and Georgia Tech (1917).

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