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Saturday, January 29, 2005

News in brief

Jim_tassel Ohio State is making the first of $2.5 million in deferred compensation payments it promised to former football coach Jim Tressel (left) just months after his team won the 2002 college football championship.  The compensation packages is "unusual."

AugustaWestland, a British/Italian company, has landed a £3 billion contract to design and build the U.S. Navy's new helicopter, beating out the U.S. Sikorsky company.

America's Boeing gets a $7.2 billion contract to supply 60 of its new 7E7 jets to China.

The contract to manage concessions at Yellowstone Park is up for grabs, and only two companies are bidding. 

The City of Pittsburgh is appealing a contract that the police officers union won in arbitration last month, saying that portions of the deal are illegal.

The city of Roslyn, Virginia, will apparently not see its water taps dry up, as the city council approves a new contract go provide water.  The city suffered last year when it saw its water diverted to agricultural uses and it had to seek out new sources.

Westmoreland County (Pa.) officials have signed an "emergency" contract to provide air conditioning for seven rooms in the county courthouse where computer equipment is housed.  The County was losing warranty protection for its electronic equipment because temperatures in the rooms were reaching 115 degrees.

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