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Thursday, January 27, 2005

News in brief

The City of San Franciso apparently won’t see a dime of the $2 million it expected for selling an airport management contract.

Nova Scotia is mulling over the question whether to un-privatize management of a sailboat that is a symbol of the province.

A 22-year-old who left Cuba on a raft two years ago signs a contract with baseball's the Seattle Mariners.

A Medgar Evers College study says that women- and minority-owned businesses get only about 12 percent of New York City’s total contract dollars.

The New York day care workers union agrees to a tentative 5-year contract giving workers annual raises of 2.8 percent a year and a $1,000 cash bonus.

A Canadian company that lost a bid for a $400 million health care services contract is suing the winner for $100 million.

An audit says that Kansas City’s award of the construction management contract for its $250 million downtown arena was flawed, but not actually biased.

A Shreveport (La.) jury has concluded that the city did not breach its stadium construction contract with Whittaker Construction (a dispute reported here previously) but owes $764,000 for unjust enrichment. 

England’s Chelsea football club signs a 10-year, £100 million sponsorship deal with Adidas—paying £24.5million to Umbro to get out of its existing deal.

A Michigan judge denies the city of Muskegon’s motion to dismiss Ted Nugent’s contract claim that arises out of a canceled concert.

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