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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

News in brief

Zondervan_ad Rolling Stone magazine has reversed its field and says it will, too, honor its contract to run a half-page ad (left) promoting a new Bible from Zondervan Publishing.  The magazine had previously refused to accept he ad, saying it had an "unwritten policy" that it did not accept "religious" advertising.

Fiji’s government sacks its finance head one year into his five-year contract for refusing to deliver a plan detailing what the agency is supposed to do.

Iowa's secretary of state issues $4.1 million contract to revamp the state's voter registration system.

The Charles Stark Draper Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, wins a $62 million cost-plus-incentive-fee contract for upgrades to the Trident II missile guidance system.

A would-be real estate developer who lost his purchase option on property because a business associate failed to keep its promise to make the required option payment sees his jury verdict affirmed, but will have to face a retrial on his $10 million jury award.

In a reverse outsourcing move, Dallas's Texas Instruments wins a contract to provide processing chips to South Korea’s Samsung Electronics for four new camera phones.  TI makes about half the chips used in the world's cell phones.

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