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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

GAO: Most of government at "high risk" of waste

Waste_fraud The U.S. Government Accountability Office has released its 2005 list of 25 government programs that are at "high risk" of vulnerability to waste, fraud, and mismanagement. The good news is that three areas have been removed from the list, including (among others) the Student Financial Aid program.  The bad news is that four areas have been added; the biggest seems to be the government’s practice of using government-wide "supply schedule" contracts.

The GAO considers a total of 25 areas to be "high risk," including such things as Medicare, Medicaid, procurement at NASA, DoD, and DoE, air traffic control modernization, HUD mortgages, tax collection—in other words, pretty much any part of the government where money changes hands.  Many of these programs have been on the list since it started in 1990.  Of 41 different areas that have appeared on the GAO list, six were resolved before 2001, and 10 since.  The GAO document itself is here.

If you want to report waste, fraud, or mismanagement on a federally funded program at your own institution, click here, but don't do it unless you've got tenure.

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