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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Contracts Songs

Bob_dylan From our Department of Contracts Musicology, this 21st-century updating of one of the great classics of the 1960s—Bob Dylan's immortal The Times Terms They Are A-Changin'.


words by Frank Snyder
music by Bob Dylan

[to the tune of Bob Dylan’s The Times They are a-Changin’]

        G                 Em                 C                 G
Now listen, you workers, pay heed to my song
        G                    Em         C                      D
The broad social forces around you are strong,
        G                  Em            C                       G
And whether for better or worse, right or wrong,
               G                        Am           D
Your employment terms need rearrangin’
      D                 D/c            G/b           D/a
So sign on the line or just go and resign,
             G         C                D     G
For the terms, they are a-changin’.

You thought that the handbook up there on the shelf
Would bind your employer as well as yourself
But we've had it re-written by some legal elf
Liabilities he’s disengagin’
So now it provides there’s no contract at all—
Yes, the terms, they are a-changin’.

You thought that you had the right to bring suit,
Get a rich plaintiff’s firm and collect lots of loot,
And harrass your boss (and his bosses, to boot)
With disccovery free and wide-rangin’—
But now arbitration is all you can get,
For the terms, they are a-changin’

Now ignorant judges who scribble with pens
May let you win this time, but we’ll try again.
And sooner or later we’re going to win
Our purpose is fixed and unchangin'.
So sign on the line or resign and don't whine,
For the terms they are a-changin’.

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