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Friday, January 14, 2005

Consumer issues in the digital world

Gates_hall How to deal with consumer issues in a modern, digital economy will be the subject of an interesting one-day conference coming up at the University of Washington School of Law (left).  The school’s Shidler Center for Law, Commerce & Technology is hosting Is Consumer Protection an Anachronism in the Information Economy? on Friday, March 4.

The conference apparently intends to take the question seriously—it’s bringing together a wide mix of both market-oriented and state-oriented scholars.  There should be some particularly entertaining exchanges on a panel devoted to contract law issues, which is moderated by an attorney for Consumers Union but will include Richard Epstein (Chicago), Clay Gillette (NYU), Jean Braucher (Arizona), Bob Hillman (Cornell) and Anita Ramasastry (Washington).

Organizers say that they’re negotiating with publishers for a possible book incorporating the papers. More information and registration is available at the LCT website.

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