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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Blog help wanted

Help_wanted Enjoy this blog?  Want to get involved?  Interested in being on the cutting edge of the Internet revolution?

If so, ContractsProf is looking for bloggers.  The only qualifications are (1) interest in stuff related to contracts, and (2) willingness to invest a couple of hours a week.  Junior faculty are particularly encouraged to get involved, as are those who teach outside the U.S.  Our goal is to have a web site that reflects a broad range of interests and viewpoints.  For the technologically impaired—like the author of this post, who doesn't know what "WiFi" is and can’t even use PowerPoint—you should know that the software takes no more than five minutes to master and that blogging can be done from any place with access to the Internet.

So get involved!  If interested, send an e-mail to Frank Snyder.  The first 25 persons who respond will get a free drink at the summer Section conference in Montreal.

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