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Friday, January 7, 2005

AALS--Day 3

The Mother Ship never stops innovating. Taking account of the problem of America's unhealthy diet, they've come up with a new approach to the beverage and snack stations between panels. Outside the meeting rooms they have large tables covered with piles of cups, but on which coffee and snack foods are never placed. There are tea bags, but no hot water. It's certainly good for us, but there were a lot of yawns at the mid-morning sessions.

Yesterday was the day to skip out for a frolic, because traditional San Francisco drizzle is coming down today. Nothing can dampen the spirits of the crowds milling around the Hilton lobby, though. The ring of caffeine-free conversation of little knots of lively people echoes off the big inverted-wedding-cake chandeliers. The lobby is nice, but could use some remodeling. For example, the center is dominated by a large globe that is badly out of date, since it is labeled with places like "India orientalis," "Turcheftan," and the place that ought to be Siberia, although misshaped, is labeled "Carthaio." Australia, in particular, seems to be missing.

Last night's Gala was a huge success, with hundreds of people standing packed together and looking for familiar faces. Most popular pickup line: "So, what's your research agenda?"

More panels are on tap for this afternoon, and will certainly look interesting to those interested in those sorts of things. There are a good many social events tonight. SALT is having its Robert Cover Study Group. The topic will be, "The Attack of Civil Liberties." The brochure doesn't mention who or what they're attacking, but the best guess is the Bush Administration. It's at 7 p.m.

Also at 7 p.m., the people who the real work in law schools, the Legal Writing folks, are having their Blackwell Award Reception and giving out their Golden Pen Award.

The two items that look the best, though, are Vermont Law School's "Taste of Vermont" Reception from 7 to 9 p.m., and Samford/Cumberland's "12th Annual Dean's Dessert." See you there.

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