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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Today in history—December 16

1515: Alfonso de Albuquerque, the chief architect of Portuguese commercial domination of the East Indies, dies at Goa.

Oliver_cromwell 1653: Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of England.  Some good advice when we get too sure of our own views:  "I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken!"

1689: Parliament adopts the Bill of Rights following the deposition of James II.

1773: Angry over taxes on tea, a group of citizens in Boston dress themselves up as Indians and toss tea into Boston harbor, in an incident that will come to be known as the Boston Tea Party.  They will, according to legend, subsequently be immortalized in a baseball team that will move first to Milwaukee and then to Atlanta (the Braves) and a football team that will later move to Washington, D.C. (the Redskins).

1863: Philosopher George Santayana is born.  Those who remember his sayings are condemned to repeat them.

1943: Steven Bochco, the creator of some of the most popular law related dramas of all time—including Hill Street Blues, LA Law, and NYPD Blue—is born in New York City.

1963: Benjamin Bratt, who will play Det. Reynaldo Curtis on Law and Order, is born in San Francisco.

1966: A huge best-seller, the Little Red Book of Chairman Mao Zedong is published in Beijing.  He calls the United States a "bean curd tiger."

Colonel_sanders 1980: The inventor of American franchised fast food, Colonel Harland Sanders (left), dies.  The first Kentucky Fried Chicken store opened in Salt Lake City in 1952, when Sanders was 62 years old.  Ten years later, there were 1,000.

Today is National Day in Bahrain, Victory Day in Bangladesh, Independence Day in Kazakhstan, and Constitution Day in Nepal

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