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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

DVD group sues home theater juke box manufacturer

Kaleidescape The DVD Copy Control Association has sued Kaleidescape, Inc. for violating the licensing terms that prevent copying of DVDs.  Kaleidescape, a privately held company in Mountain View, California, makes high-end home entertainment systems (left, starting at only $27,000) that can store hundreds of movie discs onto a hard drive.  The suit was filed in Santa Clara (Calif.) Superior Court.

At issue, according to the DVD CCA, is Kaleidescape's license, which allegedly requires that its architecture prevent the creation of persistent digital copies, which can theoretically be subsequently copied by others.  Kaleidescape claims that its copies cannot, in fact, be copied onto personal computers but can only be accessed from within the home or office that contains the system.

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