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Monday, November 22, 2004

Today in history—November 22

1802: Thomas Cook, the man who invented the modern tourism business, is born. Without him there would have been no Carnival Cruise Line decision.

1868: John Nance Garner is born. He was Vice President for FDR’s first two terms; although he was generally opposed to Wall Street interests, he also opposed president’s plan to pack the court to overrule the Lochner line of cases.

1927: Judge Cardozo invents a new twist to the consideration doctrine in his opinion for the New York Court of Appeals in Allegheny College v. National Chautauqua County Bank

Elvis_1 1954: Two good ol’ boys finally learn who’ll get the Ferguson farm, as the Virginia Supreme Court issues its opinion in Lucy v. Zehmer.

1955: In one of the great contract bargains of all time, RCA records buys the contract of singer Elvis Presley (left) from Sun Records for $55,000.

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