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Friday, November 5, 2004

Lawyer shot by opposing counsel in contract dispute

A Seattle lawyer was seriously wounded today, apparently by his opposing counsel in a bitter contract case.  Kevin Jung had been "maddened" by attorney William Joice's refusal to turn over documents in the case and obstructionist tactics.  He had moved for sanctions against Joice.  Joyce, a former deputy prosecutor, allegedly drove into a parking lot, "pointed a gun out of the driver's side window," and shot Jung while the latter was sitting his his car.  From Guardian Unlimited:

A review of the court file in the contract dispute reveals Jung's frustration with Joice. Jung represented a Korean-American couple who opened a franchise of a store owned by another Korean-American couple, represented by Joice.

"You and your clients' failure to comply with court rules and unprofessional conduct on your part are just incomprehensible, as you have never been timely on any response due,'' Jung wrote to Joice last Aug. 9.

"This is getting out of hand,'' he said in another letter three days later.

Court commissioners repeatedly punished Joice for missing hearings and failing to provide documents by forcing him to pay Jung's fees, to the tune of thousands of dollars. Most recently, Joice wrote Jung a check in mid-October for $4,382, to settle fees and fines imposed by the court.

Jung is in critical condition; Joice is being held on $5 million bond for attempted first degree murder.

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