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Friday, November 5, 2004

Flu shot litigation, round 1

Flu_shot_1 Gloucester County, New Jersey, has sued Aventis Pasteur, the French pharmaceutical giant, for failure to deliver 10,000 doses of flu vaccine to the county.  Aventis Pasteur is the only current producer of the vaccine, which is in short supply around the country.  According to the Cherry Hill Courier Post:

The 10,000 doses were supposed to be delivered by [last] Friday.  Gloucester County intended to resume its flu clinics, which have been suspended since Oct. 22, and offer the shot to people with the highest risk of getting influenza.

That changed . . . when Aventis notified the county it had been directed by the [Center for Disease Control] and the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services to send the vaccines to other parts of the state.

However, when the county contacted CDC and state health department representatives, they said there never had been a written order to redirect the vaccines, said county Freeholder-Director Stephen Sweeney.

"This is just a drug company doing what it wants to do," Sweeney said. "We did everything right. We ordered it."

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Only one lawsuit so far? I'm surprised. I presumed there would be many more. Has anyone heard of other lawsuits against the flu-vaccine maker? In the UK?

Posted by: Mara Kent | Nov 5, 2004 9:52:25 AM

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