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Monday, November 15, 2004

Finally, something Richard Posner and Fred Rodell can agree on

Posner If you’ve ever had one of those conversations with a colleague from another department about publishing, you’ve probably heard the envious questions:

"You mean, you can send it out to as many journals as you want?"

"You can get an answer in weeks?"

"You don’t have to revise it to deal with inane comments by the anonymous mossbacks that particular journal always relies on to butcher anything new and different?"

"They don’t make you cut half of it out?"

Well, that’s the good side to the law review process. The bad side, says Judge Richard Posner (left) in a recent piece in Legal Affairs, Against the Law Reviews, is that (among other things) articles are too long and are not vetted by people who have any idea what they’re doing.

The reader response is mixed.  Thanks to Marie Reilly (South Carolina) for forwarding the article.

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