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Friday, November 12, 2004

Film Clips

The_simpsons [Homer Simpson is at the bank seeking a loan to buy his daughter Lisa a pony]
     Homer: Uh, I need to borrow $5,000.
     Bank Clerk: Sorry, I can’t approve a loan that big myself. I’ll have to get someone with authority.
     [Clerk leaves.  Mr. Burns and Smithers appear]
     Mr. Burns: Hello!
     Homer: Mr. Burns! You do this personally?
     Mr. Burns: Well, it’s sort of a hobby, you know. Now, what’s this? You want to borrow $5,000 to buy a pony?  Smithers, isn’t that wonderful!  He’s joining the horsey clan! [to Homer, lowered voice]  That is it, isn’t it? You’re not going to eat it, are you?
     Homer: No!  I need $5,000 to buy a pony for my daughter because she doesn’t love me any more . . . .
     Smithers: Shut up, Simpson! Do you have any collateral?
     Mr. Burns: Oh, Smithers, let’s not badger the man!  His spirit is my collateral! [to Homer]  By the way, are you familiar with our state’s anti-usury laws?
     Homer: Use-ury?
     Mr. Burns: Oh, silly me! I must have just used a word that doesn’t exist.  Sign here!
     [Homer signs contract. Burns laughs manically, then coughs and laughs sweetly when Homer looks at him]
     Mr. Burns: Sorry, I was just thinking of something funny Smithers said today.
     Smithers: I didn’t say anything funny, sir.
     Mr. Burns: [whispering] Shut up!

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