Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama Fighting (Constitutional) Fire with (Constitutional) Fire

President Obama's recent and frequent constitutional references--from those in his inaugural address to those related to his administration's gun control actions--is part of a larger strategy to promote administration policies, argues Sean Sullivan over at The Fix: "Put simply, he's fighting fire with fire."  That's constitutional fire.  And the fire he's fighting is the constant barrage of constitutional claims against his policies and actions.  Sullivan:

When the Constitution has been brought up in the national political debate, it's typically been by the president's opponents, at least in recent years. . . .

What Obama is signaling [is] that he believes he can fight--and win--major battles on similar terms.

Sullivan says this much is clear: Obama isn't going to "let his opponents monopolize one of the nation's most revered documents in the highest-stakes political and policy debates."



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