Thursday, September 1, 2011

White House Announces a New Way to Petition Government

The White House announced today the creation of a new electronic platform for individuals to petition the federal government called We the People.  The platform will allow individuals to submit or to sign a petition asking the federal government to take action on a range of issues.  According to the announcement:

To create and build support for a petition, visitors will simply need to create an account and gather signatures by reaching out to friends, family and coworkers.  If a petition reaches a certain threshold--the initial level will be 5,000 signatures within 30 days--it will be sent to the appropriate policy makers throughout the Administration, reviewed, and an official response will be published to and e-mailed to all signers of the petition.

Here's the video description:



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This law will give our future generations around the U.S. and the planet a better life
and eventually solve world hunger if we do it with every country on the planet.


As a couple gets older and die there will be one kid to replace them and as time
goes on we will have less people everywhere on the planet. There fore we will be able
to give everyone on the planet more water, food, shelter, education, medical and a higher
quality of living everywhere on the planet.

Someday there won't even be world hunger and more oportunity for every single person on the planet and instead of trying to meet
the demand we will exceed it and have plenty for everyone.

Every single person can have a better life in the future if this law went into effect with
every single country on the planet. It would be the best future we could possibly imagine
for all of our kids on the planet.

Alfred Kenworthy

Posted by: Alfred Kenworthy | May 1, 2012 9:31:51 AM

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