Friday, April 8, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Updated Again

"The clerk in a Republican stronghold tilted the tight Supreme Court race in favor of Justice David Prosser by recovering thousands of untallied votes for the incumbent," according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, which has been doing excellent reporting on the race.

Original post discussing the election, Prosser's judicial temperment, and possible litigation here.


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Nate Silver, a left-of-center blogger at the extremely helpful election forecast and analysis blog FiveThirtyEight (a NY Times-based blog), covers the vote counting error pretty well, and concludes that the error was incompetence, not conspiracy:

Also, Ann Althouse at the the University of Wisconsin-Madison has covered the recent protests in Wisconsin, as well as this week's election. In following the results as they came in on election night, she noted the following about Waukesha County:

“UPDATE, 11:43: Dane (Madison’s county) is nearly all in. I don’t see how Kloppenburg can net more than about 3,000 with what’s left of Dane. Waukesha is now shown as completely in, but the numbers didn’t change, so I think something may have been misreported. I took the trouble to do a calculation and was going to predict that Prosser would net 40,000 more votes in Waukesha. What happened?”


It seems Prof. Althouse suspected the mistake before the county clerk.

Posted by: J. Zak Ritchie | Apr 8, 2011 2:37:05 PM

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