Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spatial Inequality

Welcome Back Feminist Law Professors Blog!  

After a brief hiatus, Feminist Law Professors Blog is back with a new look.  Cyber-space is not quite as "equal" without the blog's perspectives, including its famous "where are the women?" feature that calls attention to law review issues or conferences with a dearth of female participants.

Pruitt Feminist Law Professors Blog also brings attention to feminist scholarship of interest to ConLawProfs.  Its most recent posting, for example, highlights the work of Lisa Pruitt (pictured right) of UC Davis School of Law on "spatial inequality." 

As Feminist Law Prof Bridget Crawford writes: "Pruitt's work seeks to revive legal consideration of spatial variations in provision of government services, a concern that waned following the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in San Antonio Independent Schools v. Rodriguez."

Read the rest of Crawford's post on Lisa Pruitt's work here.


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