Monday, January 4, 2010

Sotomayor Profile in the New Yorker

The New Yorker profile of Sonia Sotomayor proclaims Sotomayor the first "celebrity justice."  Nevertheless, most of the reporting in Lauren Collins' article is serious and thoughtful, providing an discussion of Sotomayor's background, nomination, and confirmation, as well as her first few months on the bench.  

Regarding Sotomayor's future as a Justice, Collins notes that any prediction is a "chancy proposition," reminding readers that the "consensus when Scalia joined the Court was that he’d be a consensus builder," which obviously did not occur.   Collins nevertheless interviews various persons for their opinions, perhaps the most engaging of which is offered by Sotomayor's Second Circuit colleague, Judge Guido Calabresi:

"Her whole experience as part of three discriminated-against groups, and ones which are not always coherent with each other—I’m talking about ethnicity, gender, and disability—plus her legal experience, in really being a district judge, really being a Court of Appeals judge, makes her different from really any Justice that I can think of."

This might be a good article to keep on hand to assign students, especially those beginning constitutional law courses.


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