Friday, January 1, 2010

Judges as Politicians? Politicians as Judges?

Linda_Greenhouse,_2005 Linda Greenhouse has an interesting argument that there should be less opposition between judicial and political roles.  In the NYT online she notes that "years ago, it was not uncommon for politicians to become judges," citing Earl Warren,  but adding that there "probably no single reason politicians have fallen out of favor as judicial nominees."  She says that  "President Obama has made a series of cautious, low-profile nominations to the federal courts — 20 of the 30 nominees have been state or federal judges, and several others are former prosecutors — only to encounter Republican-led tactics of obstruction forcing the Democratic leadership to round up supermajorities before daring to bring nominees to the floor."

But as the WaPo states, Obama's record on judicial nominations is still lagging.  Alliance for Justice has a "recent snapshot" of nominations and confirmations here.


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