Friday, November 27, 2009

VMI Update: Gender and the Virginia Military Institute

Of the 1,500 cadets on the campus of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) this fall, only 126 are women - - - a dozen years after the United States Supreme Court, in its landmark opinion United States v. Virginia, ordered VMI to change its male only admission policy.

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Yet the small number of female cadets is not the reason that the VMI is again subject to a federal investigation, although the small number may be a contributing factor.  

According to a report in The Roanoke Times in August:

A copy of the complaint -- obtained by The Roanoke Times through a Freedom of Information Act request -- sheds little light on the complainant's identity. Large portions of the document were redacted. Among the few readable sentences: "The language and terminology that is used and considered acceptable by VMI in the barracks reflects a climate and culture that is derogatory and discriminatory toward the women that are required as cadets to live in the barracks." And: "A male VMI graduate is almost always given preferential treatment."

According to a report November 22 in The Baltimore Sun, the "ongoing investigation of a sex discrimination complaint at the small, state-supported school" has  "taken nearly a year and a half — three times longer than usual."

VMI issued a statement on its website here.

For those thinking about a forthcoming constitutional law exam, this might be worth a look.


(with thanks for the tip to Jen Hogg, CUNY School of Law, class of 2012)

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Brilliant that there is some degree of equality. Good luck to all the cadets

Posted by: Road Accident Solicitor | Nov 30, 2009 7:16:26 AM

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