Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oklahoma Abortion statute - and state con law challenge

A new Oklahoma statute regulating abortion, formerly OK HB 1595, goes into effect November 1


The law requires publication of an "Annual Abortion Report" and forces doctors to give details about their patients under threat of criminal sanctions and loss of their medical license.  The details include:

Date of abortion

County in which abortion performed

Age of mother

Marital status of mother
(married, divorced, separated, widowed, or never married)

Race of mother

Years of education of mother
 (specify highest year completed)

State or foreign country of residence of mother

Total number of previous pregnancies of the mother - - - 
Live Births; 
Induced Abortions.

The law also changed several statutory definitions and banned abortions sought "solely on account of the sex of the unborn child."

A challenge to the statute has been filed, complaint here via Courthouse News Service.  The single cause of action?  Violation of the state constitution's single-subject provision.


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