Friday, April 17, 2009

The Teaching Assistant

Hello.  Here are the stories that might interest you this week!

Equal Protection/Fundamental Rights

Sihks in the U.S. Army are challenging military regulations prohibiting the growth of facial hair and wearing of headgear as religious discrimination.

The ACLU is working to prohibit the practice of shackling pregnant prison inmates.  More here.

Finally, an equal protection story on the lighter - but no less important - side.  Women continue to wait nearly twice as long as men for restroom facilities, despite laws in some jurisdictions (i.e., New York City) requiring that additional restrooms be built to decrease the wait times.

Commerce Clause

Wisconsin's famed diploma privelege - which admits all persons matriculating in a Wisconsin law school to the Wisconsin bar - is being challenged on the grounds that it violates the Dormant Commerce Clause.

Takings Clause

George Will has an impassioned critique of the recent Illinois Supreme Court opinion stating property, but not money, can be the object of a taking.

That's all for this week.  See you next time!


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