Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yoo's perspective on the OLC "torture" memos

John Yoo, author of some of the just-released OLC memos from the Bush Administration (see our blog here)  has this to say about the memos:

These memos I wrote were not for public consumption. They lack a certain polish, I think – would have been better to explain government policy rather than try to give unvarnished, straight-talk legal advice. I certainly would have done that differently, but I don't think I would have made the basic decisions differently.

This is from an interview with OC Register published yesterday.  Yoo is on leave from UC-Berkeley (Boalt Hall) and is now a visiting professor at Chapman University School of Law, located in Orange County.  The interview is really worth reading in full - - - look for the mentions of "hippies" and "Kobe Bryant" amidst the more serious constitutional considerations.   For Yoo's recent editorial ""Obama Made a Rash decision on Gitmo" in the Washington Post (see our blog here). 


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