Saturday, January 3, 2009

The United States Senate - continued, continued

The Huffington Post here, as well as other outlets, are reporting that Michael Bennet, 44, Denver's public schools superintendent, is the Colorado Gov's choice to fill a Senate vacancy that will be created by the promotion of Sen. Ken Salazar to interior secretary in the Obama administration:

The move surprised many Republicans and Democrats, who considered schools superintendent Michael Bennet a dark horse candidate for the Senate spot because of his lack of legislative experience. The 44-year-old Democrat has never campaigned for or held public office.

And in keeping with the no campaign or previous public office theme, Caroline Kennedy, looks likely to be named at NY's Senator.  Our ConLawProf colleague Darren Hutchinson has one of the best blog comments, comparing the "taint" of Kennedy with the "taint" of Burris here.

And in Minnesota, still's NYT report here.

A good wrap-up in the Washington Post here, with the headline As 111th Senate Is Set to Begin, Four Seats Still Up in Air. 

Isn't it January?  Happy New Year!


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