Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Obama and the Judiciary

The PBS News Hour with Jim Leher had an interesting discussion today with Con Law profs Pam Karlan of Stanford University (oft-mentioned as a possible Obama judicial appointment) and Paul Cassell of University of Utah (a federal district judge from 2002-2007) predicting the impact of an Obama Administration on the federal judiciary.

Paul Cassell has this to say in part:

And I think the real concern is whether President Obama will bring back something like the Warren Court years, where it seemed like every few months there would be a new constitutional right that was discovered in the Constitution, a constitutional right that struck down acts of Congress or the views of the state legislatures, the views of the American people.

Cassell predicted that Obama appointees would have "more of an activist bent than you would have seen under a President McCain or you have seen in the last eight years from President Bush."

Karlan disagreed:

activism is one of those words that's a little complicated, because I think a lot of President Bush's appointments to the bench have been far more activist than the appointments of Democratic presidents.

I mean, if activism means striking down laws that were enacted by democratically elected, popularly elected legislators, then what do we say about conservatives on the Supreme Court, for example, who strike down the D.C. gun control act or conservative judges who refuse to enforce disability laws that Congress passed against state governments?

The full transcript is available here (but note that the pull quote under Cassell's photo is actually Karlan's statement).


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