Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just how Conservative is the Roberts Court?

Erwin Chemerinsky (UC Irvine) last month posted The Roberts Court at Age Three on ssrn, arguing that the Roberts Court is the most conservative Court since the mid-1930s.  Jonathan Adler (Case Western) responded recently with Getting the Roberts Court Right: A Response to Chemerinsky.

You might also check out these: 

-Rochelle Babroff (Nat'l Senior Citizens Law Center), The Early Roberts Court Attacks Congress's Power to Protect Civil Rights

-Andrew Siegel (Seattle), From Bad to Worse? Some Early Speculation About the Roberts Court and the Constitutional Fate of the Poor

-Max Stearns, Standing at the Crossroads: The Roberts Court in Historical Perspective

-Tim O'Neill, 'The Stepford Justices': The Need for Ideological Diversity on the Roberts Court


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