Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Transition Watch

There is much to report at this time . . .

The Executive

We might have a new Attorney General.  The word "might" is used because at this point, they are only "reports."  We'll keep watching.

Of course, there are other important positions to fill.  The Washington Post lists three persons being considered for the position of National Security Advisor. Speaking of generals, Colin Powell is being mentioned as a possible Secretary of Education

Legislative Agenda

USA Today reports on how the President Elect might approach civil rights issues relating to the African American community.  Findlaw's Writ has a piece on what the future president's administation might mean for the tort reform movement.

The Judiciary

What's that Justice Stevens?  You don't plan on retiring?  We don't care!  The speculation game is too much fun to give up!  The Providence (Rhode Island) Journal has an interview with First Circuit Judge Bruce Selya.  Judge Selya notes that since 1975, all Supreme Court appointees have previously served as federal appellate judges.  The judge suggests that President Elect Obama be the one to break this pattern.

That's all for now, but of course, we'll be back!


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