Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chicago to have LGBTQA School? NOT SOON

The proposal to have a "GLBTQA" Pride Campus High School in Chicago, previously blogged here,  and scheduled for a vote tonight, has reportedly been  "dropped."  According to an article in the

The Chicago Board of Education was set to vote on the proposal Wednesday, but the educators who had been pushing the plan asked to be taken off the agenda late Tuesday.

The school initially was going to be called the School for Social Justice Pride Campus partly focusing on gay issues. But last week, organizers changed the name to the Solidarity Campus and broadened its focus to include all disenfranchised groups of students.

As late as Tuesday morning, some advocates were pushing the idea that the change was a good compromise. A few hours later, however, the group told Chicago Public School officials it would try to retool its ideas and ask for approval in a year.


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