Monday, October 20, 2008

Justice Thomas on Constitutional Interpretation

The Wall Street Journal printed excerpts from Justice Thomas's Wriston Lecture to the Manhattan Institute last Thursday.  Here's the last paragraph:

Let me put it this way: there are really only two ways to interpret the Constitution--try to discern as best we can what the framers intended, or make it up.  No matter how ingenious, imaginative, or artfully put, unless interpretive methodologies are tied to the original intent of the framers, they have no more basis in the Constitution than the latest football scores.  To be sure, even the most conscientious effort to adhere to the original intent of the framers of our Constitution is flawed, as all methodologies and human institutions are; but at least originalism has the advantage of being legitimate and, I might add, impartial.


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Has the Constitution been omitted? I think not, my family and I have been denied our 14th Constitutional Amendment. Here in the State of Mississippi Judges, Attorneys and Politicians feel that they are above the law in other words they can do as they please whether if it is right or wrong. The judicial system in Mississippi is very unjust. I have given my URL site and I hope there is someone out there who would leave a comment or suggestion. It would greatly be appreciated.

Posted by: Jane | Oct 29, 2008 10:36:42 AM

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