Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Book Review: The Role of SCOTUS

An insightful book review by Bradley J. Best (Dept. Political Science, Buena Vista University)
of An Entrenched Legacy: How the New Deal Constitutional Revolution Continues to Shape the Role of the Supreme Court by Patrick Garry (Penn State Press 2008).

Garry1008 Bradley Best writes:

In AN ENTRENCHED LEGACY, Patrick Garry delivers a forceful indictment of the most basic trajectories of US Supreme Court decision making in the modern period. Put simply, Garry casts the post-1936 Court’s embrace of an expansive federal regulatory power and individual rights jurisprudence as nothing less than a betrayal of sacred constitutional principles. The scale of interventionist, national government power in post-New Deal America, he argues, evinces a sustained repudiation of federalism and separation of powers principles. Furthermore, expanding zones of constitutionally protected individual liberty are, in Garry’s view, the result of the Court’s disregard of the limits of the judicial function and rejection of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments as constraints on the powers of the national government.

The full review is available at 18 LAW AND POLITICS BOOK REVIEW 867-870 here.



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