Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Final Introduction by Lissa Griffin

Welcome to the Comparative Law Prof Blog.  Please accept this final introduction as we begin our first week of publication. 

 I just want to share the sentiments of my-coeditors in noting that this is an extremely exciting time to co-edit a comparative law blog. My area of interest – comparative criminal law and procedure – has been blessed with many creative and brilliant scholars all over the world.  But our subject has largely been addressed as a domestic one, whatever the jurisdiction.  Yes, crime is generally local.  But at the same time, as my-coeditors note, technology has brought us all closer.   And with this greater intimacy has arisen an understanding that all systems share similar concerns and are coping with the same criminal justice challenges, among them domestic terrorism, technological crimes, the causes and correction of wrongful convictions, and limited economic resources. 

My hope is that the comparative law blog can attract information, ideas, and approaches from all over the world.

 As co-editor Monica Eppinger so aptly put it, this blog should be a work place and a play space: a work place, obviously, for the sharing of news; legally significant statutory, constitutional, and common law developments; and analysis of important issues.  But we need a forum for brainstorming too.  As teachers of legal skills well know and as we tell our students, brainstorming - simple thinking and the spinning thoughts and ideas - lies at the heart of creative lawyering.  It's my hope that this blog will encourage and inspire colleagues to join and 'meet' in an open discussion and comparative of contemporary legal issues.

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