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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Today, we launch a new iteration of the Clinical Law Prof blog.  With thanks to Paul Caron and the Law Professor Blog Network, we embark on this new enterprise to serve the vibrant and growing community of law professors devoted to clinical education.   

We hope to amplify and magnify the work of clinical law professors, to share resources and ideas and to collaborate with our colleagues online and in social media who are serving our community.  We write to advance the twin causes of good teaching and justice.    

I am joined by a dynamic cohort of contributing editors.   They are talented teachers and lawyers and write from diverse perspectives.   They have long experience and are rookies.  They teach at large state schools and small private institutions.  They live in big and small cities in rich and poor states.  They teach at high-profile, well established programs, and they teach in upstart, innovative programs that punch above their weight.  They teach live-client clinics, externships, practicums, doctrinal classes, and all of them do more than their job descriptions suggest.         

Our inaugural contributors are Bryan Adamson of Seattle, Kim Bart of Duke, Kelly Behre of West Virginia (soon to be of UC-Davis), Warren Binford of Willamette, Kristina Campbell of UDC, Tanya Cooper of Alabama, Meta Copeland of Mississippi College, Jill Engle of Penn State, Carrie Hagan of Indiana, D’lorah Hughes of Arkansas, Robert Lancaster of LSU, Inga Laurent of Gonzaga, Kelly McTear of Faulkner, Kelly Olson of UALR, Brittany Stringfellow Otey of Pepperdine, Danny Schaffzin of MemphisKelly Terry of UALR, and Virgil Wiebe of St. Thomas.   Their biographies and profiles are at the bottom of this page.  

 Please subscribe to the blog and bookmark it.   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @clinicallawprof.  

 Please contact us with your questions and ideas to make the blog better.   Please share with us ideas for stories, leads and other inspirations.  Thank you for joining us.

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