Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Cure For The Submission Season Blues?

Now is the time of year when faculty turn their minds to the spring (winter?) law review submissions season. Many may already be struggling with a crucial first question: When should I send out my article? After that decision is made, new questions loom: Did I send it out too late? Did I send it out too early? Is this journal already full? Has that journal started considering submissions yet? And even when the submissions process ends successfully, it may be a year—if not longer—before the article is published.

What if, instead, you could be done with the submission season in a matter of days, and have your article in print within a few months? If that sounds good, the Seton Hall Law Review has just the thing for you. Here’s the announcement:

The Seton Hall Law Review has two remaining spots for Articles in its Third Book of Volume 44, which will be published this June. Authors are encouraged to submit articles through ExpressO or via email (lawreview@shu.edu) as soon as possible.

All topics are welcome, but authors with topics that would benefit from prompt publication are especially encouraged to submit. Because the edits for this issue will begin on February 17, the decision to accept or reject will be made very quickly, and an offer would need to be accepted within 3 days. The first two accepted offers will be chosen for publication.



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