Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What do Ronald Reagan and Bob Marley have in common?

Answer #1: Today is their birthday.

Answer #2: They were never on Twitter.

If any of our readers would like to get links to this blog’s posts via Twitter, follow @Adam_Steinman. That’s likely to be the bulk of my Twitter feed (I don’t know how to make cat GIFs.)

Here are some other folks in the civil-procedure-federal-courts-o-sphere that I’ve come across so far…

  • Cynthia Fountaine (Southern Illinois University), @clfountaine
  • Jasminka Kalajdzic (University of Windsor), @JKal
  • Benjamin Spencer (Washington & Lee University), @PROFSPENCER
  • Beth Thornburg (Southern Methodist University), @btSMU
  • Steve Vladeck (American University), @steve_vladeck
  • Kevin Walsh (University of Richmond), @kevincwalsh
  • Mr. T, @MrT

I’m new at this, so if you know of others please feel free to share.


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Thanks, Adam! For sources of procedure-based legal issues (if you don't mind a pretty big volume of Tweets to skim) there's often great information about litigation news in @howappealing (Howard Bashman) and, for cases that make it to the Supreme Court, @SCOTUSblogposts.


Posted by: Beth Thornburg | Feb 6, 2013 9:38:22 AM

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