Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Article contends co-authored pieces have more impact than solo-author pieces

This is obviously not Civil Procedure-centered, but I thought it was interesting for those of us who periodically participate in faculty hiring or promotion decisions in which the subject of co-authored pieces comes up.

Christopher Anthony Cotropia and Lee Petherbridge have posted on SSRN their paper, "The Dominance of Teams in the Production of Legal Knowledge."

Using a database that contains over 19,000 law review articles published in top 100 law reviews between 1990 and 2010, we demonstrate that team authors dominate solo authors in the production of legal knowledge. Team research is on average more frequently cited than individual research, and teams are more likely than individuals to produce exceptionally high impact research. These results suggest that a legal research culture that encourages cooperativity and collaboration could foster an intellectual connectedness helpful to improving the quality of knowledge production by legal academics.



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