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2013 AALS Section on Litigation - Call for Papers

From the Civil Procedure Profs listserv:

Dear AALS Litigation Section Members:

I am writing as Chair
of the AALS Section on Litigation to inform you of the Call for Papers
associated with the Section's Program at the 2013 Annual Meeting scheduled for
January 4-7, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Program is titled "The Class Action
Fairness Act of 2005: Perspectives and Predictions". A pdf version of the Call
for Papers is attached and the text of the Call appears below for your

The author of the selected paper will be invited to join a
panel that includes: John Beisner (Skadden Arps), Elizabeth Cabraser (Lieff,
Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein), Richard Marcus (UC Hastings), Linda Mullenix
(U. of Texas), Jay Tidmarsh (Notre Dame) and Georgene Vairo (Loyola of

My best,

Kenneth Kandaras
Professor of Law
Marshall Law School
315 South Plymouth Court
Chicago, IL.

Call for Papers

Section on Litigation
AALS Annual Meeting, January 4-7, 2013, New
“The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005: Perspectives and

In connection with the January 2013 Annual Meeting of
the Association of American Law Schools in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Section
on Litigation will be sponsoring a panel discussion entitled: “The Class Action
Fairness Act of 2005: Perspectives and Predictions”. The Sections on Civil
Procedure and Federal Courts are co-sponsoring the program.

Upon its
enactment, CAFA’s supporters hailed the statute as a needed remedy to combat
abusive state court class action proceedings as well as an important means to
achieve tort reform. With several years-on since CAFA’s enactment, the panel
will explore some of the significant issues that CAFA poses for litigants and
the legal community as a whole. The panelists include:John Beisner (Skadden
Arps), Elizabeth Cabraser (Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein), Richard
Marcus (UC Hastings), Linda Mullenix (U. of Texas), JayTidmarsh (Notre Dame),
and Georgene Vairo (Loyola of LA).

The Program will include a speaker
selected from this Call for Papers.

Eligible papers may address any topic
related to CAFA, including topics that consider its effectiveness in achieving
its stated aims, its influence on litigation strategies, and its impact on the
legal community and society as a whole. Both essay and article length papers are
welcome. The selected author will be invited to participate in the Program, at
the expense of the author’s institution. The Review of Litigation at the
University of Texas has agreed to publish the paper of the selected author and
other articles submitted by program panel members (subject to the Review’s final
approval of the articles) in its Symposium issue. The Review is well-known for
its publication of scholarship related to litigation, civil procedure and
dispute resolution.

The deadline to submit a draft paper is Thursday,
September 6, 2012. Please submit the draft paper to Professor Kenneth Kandaras,
Chair of the Section of Litigation, as an attachment to an e-mail sent to
Professor Kandaras at 7kandara@jmls.edu. The attachment should be in Word or PDF
format. Late submissions will not be accepted. A subcommittee of the Section’s
Executive Committee will review the submissions. Decisions will be communicated
no later than October 1,

Section_Call for Papers 2013.pdf (42 k): https://connect.aals.org/p/fo/do/download=1&fid=5151

post online: https://connect.aals.org/p/fo/st/post=21333&anc=p21333#p21333



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