Thursday, June 17, 2010

University of Toronto Law Journal: Special Issue on Judicial Review

Readers may be interested in some of the contributions to the recently published special issue of the University of Toronto Law Journal, which includes:

Editors’ Note
David Dyzenhaus, Adam Tomkins

The Role Of The Courts In The Political Constitution
Adam Tomkins

Judicial Restraint In The Pursuit Of Justice
Aileen Kavanagh

Deference, Defiance, And Doctrine: Defining The Limits Of Judicial Review
T.R.S. Allan

The Very Idea of a Judge
David Dyzenhaus

Judicial Review at The Margins: Law, Power, and Prerogative
Thomas Poole

Democratic Objections to Structural Judicial Review and the Judicial Role in Constitutional Law
Adrienne Stone

Structural Judicial Review and the Objection From Democracy
Jeffrey Goldsworthy

Abstracts and links available at Concurring Opinions.


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