Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New York Times article on the legality of unpaid internships

As summer approaches in a tight job market and our students are becoming increasingly eager to find ways to gain experience and enhance their resumes, this New York Times article, "The Unpaid Intern, Legal or Not," might be of interest. The article considers legal issues associated with unpaid internships for students and recent grads. 

"With job openings scarce for young people, the number of unpaid internships has climbed in recent years, leading federal and state regulators to worry that more employers are illegally using such internships for free labor. Convinced that many unpaid internships violate minimum wage laws, officials in Oregon, California and other states have begun investigations and fined employers. . . . Many regulators say that violations are widespread, but that it is unusually hard to mount a major enforcement effort because interns are often afraid to file complaints. Many fear they will become known as troublemakers in their chosen field, endangering their chances with a potential future employer. The Labor Department says it is cracking down on firms that fail to pay interns properly and expanding efforts to educate companies, colleges and students on the law regarding internships."


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