Friday, April 9, 2010

Legg, Travers, Park & Turner on Australian Litigation Funding

Now on SSRN is a recent article by Michael Legg (University of New South Wales), Louisa Travers, Edmond Park & Nicholas Turner entitled Litigation Funding in Australia. Here's the abstract:

Litigation funding has been argued to be an important development in Australian civil litigation that provides access to justice, allows for the spreading of the risk of complex litigation and can improve the efficiency of litigation by bringing commercial considerations to bear. Since the High Court decision in Campbells Cash and Carry Pty Limited v Fostif Pty Ltd (2006) 229 CLR 386, the Australian litigation funding industry has enjoyed significant growth. However, the operation and proper constraints on litigation funding remains a live issue with concerns that the relatively unregulated nature of the litigation funding market creates the possibility for harm to consumers and the abuse of court processes. This paper reviews the development of litigation funding in Australia and the proposals for its regulation, including the decision in Brookfield Multiplex Limited v International Litigation Funding Partners Pte Ltd (2009) 180 FCR 11 where the Full Federal Court found that the litigation funding arrangements under consideration constituted a 'managed investment scheme' that was subject to the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).


(Hat Tip: Legal Theory Blog)

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In evaluating this article, one should keep in mind that the authors are all associated with a law firm that consistently represents clients being sued in class actions funded by the litigation funders.

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